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A Tradition of Dance Excellence

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We provide professional and studio dance training in a state of the art facility by creating an enjoyable and nurturing learning atmosphere, implementing proper technique, performance encouragement, and healthy lifestyles.


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"I have been dancing at NCADA since I was 3 years old. Because of what dance has taught me, I have grown into a mature, well informed young adult who is ready to take on life's mission. Thank you, NCADA!"
-Lauren Bordeaux
NCADA Student-Class of 2018
"Our 2 year-old absolutely loves the Toddlers and Toes class! She is learning so much, not only about dancing, but also about taking turns, following directions, music, movement and so much more! Mrs. Denise is the best! We all look forward to Tuesdays. I enjoy being able to watch her learn and grow every week, and we are hoping for many more years of dancing at NCADA to come! Thank you to all of the wonderful staff for such a great first experience for us!
-Jacqueline Hill 
NCADA Parent-2018
"I love this studio and the opportunities and memories it gave. I made life long friends and family here that I will never forget. I also had the chance to grow as a dancer far beyond anything I could've dreamed, and for that I am eternally grateful. There is absolutely no other studio around that compares in quality, professionalism and opportunities given. Definitely the place to go for a dance experience that will be dear to your heart and potentially change your life."
-Sarah Boota
NCADA Alumni-Class of 2012
"Our daughter has found a second home-a place where she can fall but knows she will be lifted up. She has more self-discipline and time management skills than anyone in our family. Thank you NCADA for teaching her more than dance." 
-Anne Brooks
NCADA Parent-2017
"Dance has provided me with flexibility, balance, and stamina; which benefited me a lot while playing softball. Thank you, NCADA for all of the support and wonderful memories."
-Sarah Styons
NCADA Alumni-Class of 2017
"Both of our daughters danced at NCADA. It was the best investment we could have made into their education. We knew where our girls were every night and who their friends were. Mrs. Sherryl instilled confidence, poise, work ethic, and determination into our girls. They are now successful adults today and look fondly at their years studying dance and musical theatre."
-Kathi Anderson
NCADA Parent-2014
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PO Box 2702

Greenville, NC 27836

Tel: 252-355-2140

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