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COVID-19 Plan

Our Choreographed COVID-19 Plan

we can do this together...

Enter Building:

  • Pump sanitizer on hands at entry.

  • Students immediately join classmates.

  • One group of classmates per dressing room with 1-2 assistants. (Example: Ballet III students in dressing room #1. Tap/Jazz students in dressing room #2.)

  • Students with teachers & assistant "travel" to classroom.

  • Hallways are now marked as two-way walkways.

  • Each studio has a designed bathroom.

Class(es) begin:

  • All students will be assigned a designated square block on the floor.

  • All spaces will be minimum of 6-8 feet apart.

  • Students will be assigned a specific barre placement that is 6 feet apart. 

Class(es) end: ​

  • Students taking only one class continue their "travels" in their class line to their designated exit line at Side Exit.

  • Students staying for a second class will "travel" to "Lisa's Sweatshop" for a water break and quick shoe change. Each student will visit the sanitation station. This is a 650 square foot room of open floor space to allow social distancing to continue while transitioning classes.

  • Students will begin their "travels" to their next class. They will be joined in their classroom where additional classmates may be joining. 

  • Please note: ALL STUDENTS arriving for classes throughout our afternoon/evening classes will repeat our Choreographed Plan.

  • All students will stay together with their classmates. Two classes will NOT share the same dressing room, classroom, "travel line", bathroom or NCADA assistant. 

  • We promise to provide a happy, exciting, creative and challenging dance experience for every student while also providing "peace of mind" for parents!

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